Specialists in Cerebral Palsy

Thimble Monkey Superstar Novel by Jon Blake

A laugh out loud children’s book fthimblerom the author/illustrator team (Jon Blake/Martin Chatteton) of Little Stupendo, shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award.

£3.60 from each book purchased via this website is donated to the charity.

The main character, Jams, is based on the author’s own son, 9-year-old Jordi. Like Jordi, Jams has cerebral palsy and uses a walker, which is illustrated in the book but incidental to the story, displaying a positive, understated depiction of a young boy with CP.

Jennifer Carroll, Centre Director and Consultant Physiotherapist at Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales, said: ‘I really enjoyed reading this book, it was so refreshing to have a main character with a disability without that being a major theme of the story. Jams is just a boy in a slightly atypical family living an adventurous life. I read it to my son and we both laughed raucously.  A great book for all children!’

Life is never boring now that Jams and his family have a monkey to look after. Jams and his mum love Thimble, but Dad is determined to get rid of him – to a zoo, a school, even a demolition site. But when Jams and his dad are in mortal danger, Thimble proves once and for all why he is a Monkey Superstar!