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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Bobath Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Every year throughout the month of October at Bobath Wales we celebrate Cerebral Palsy Awareness month.

To recognise this and help raise awareness of cerebral palsy throughout Wales we host a Wicked Welly Month which is always jam-packed full of events and fundraisers. We encourage everyone to get involved, from individuals looking for a fun way to raise cash right through to schools, businesses, scout groups and children’s groups.

Our volunteers and sponsors play a vital role in Bobath’s Cerebral Palsy Awareness month and for this we are extremely grateful, without their tremendous support this would not be possible.

Fancy getting involved?

There’s something for everyone during Bobath’s Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, join in and help us to make a real and positive difference to children in Wales who have cerebral palsy!

Here is some inspiration for getting involved in our Wicked Welly fundraisers:

  • Host your own Welly Walk in your local area
  • Have a ‘Welly Wednesday’ at school or work and encourage everyone to wear their welly’s to work and donate £1 to Bobath
  • Fill your welly with cash and get involved in a pass your welly fundraiser
  • Host a decorate your welly competition
  • Place a welly at your reception area and encourage visitors/colleagues to fill it with spare change

Our friendly fundraising team are always on hand for support and encouragement, so if you are unsure which fundraising event will work best we can always guide you in the right direction and fill you full of inspiration! We also welcome new events, for us the most important thing is that you all have enjoy and have fun while raising funds!

Why not join us while we celebrate Bobath’s Cerebral Palsy Month and help us to fundraise and raise awareness of cerebral palsy?

You can contact us here for more information or to request a fundraising pack.

Here’s an image that explains cerebral palsy in brief, for a more in-depth explanation please visit here. For those who are interested in finding out more about the service we offer to children in Wales with cerebral palsy, you can also arrange a visit to our centre.