Specialists in Cerebral Palsy

Bobath Children's Therapy Centre Wales

Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales provides specialist physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy. Our Bobath therapists work together as a team to give each child the skills to explore their world, communicate their needs, maximise their potential and improve their quality of life.

At Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales we focus on your child’s/young adult’s ability and not the disability.

Therapy at our centre starts with analysing what your child can already do and how they do it, and what is getting in the way of them progressing or learning how to do new activities. During the initial assessment your/your child’s concerns are discussed as well as the community therapists’ concerns. This gives you opportunity to discuss particular issues and ask questions. Goals are then set in collaboration with you, the family so that they are meaningful to you/your child. They give direction to the intervention, should be measurable and are reviewed at the end of the therapy block.

The therapists recognise that play is the young child’s occupation and an important part of your child’s development and learning. Therefore play at an appropriate level to your child is integral to the Bobath therapy sessions. Other functional and daily activities such as dressing are incorporated into the therapy sessions.

Family/carer involvement is an essential part of therapy and you will be involved throughout the entire process. This allows progress to continue at home. Our therapists can also give you practical advice on adapted equipment and mobility aids in conjunction with your community therapy team.  We invite members from your local therapy team to sit in on sessions and provide them and yourselves with a full report following your visit. The most useful activities carried out during the therapy sessions will be described in a therapy programme for home and school as appropriate.