Family Support Service

Glenys EvansIf you have a child with cerebral palsy you might be interested in finding out more about our Family Support Service.

Glenys Evans is Bobath’s Family Support Coordinator. She is a founder parent of the charity and has a son Thomas who has cerebral palsy. Glenys has been involved with the Bobath Centre since its inception and has had many roles including trustee.  

If you have any questions about Bobath therapy and cerebral palsy or if you are wondering about things like benefits, further education, independent living or if you feel that no one understands the situation you are living with every day and you would like a listening ear please give Glenys a call on 029 20522600 or email 

Glenys sends families a regular bulletin with news and current topics. She also holds coffee mornings for all the family which offers an ideal meeting place for parents and grandparents to meet other families in their situation.

Read the words of Matthew dad to Macsen as he explains the difference Glenys and our Family Support has made to their family.

Macsen CinNI am writing this letter  as a parent of a child with multiple severe disabilities. My son Macsen is 4 years old and has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, Visual Impairment, uncontrolled Epilepsy and lots of other problems.

Life for a family like ours is very challenging and at times it almost feels impossible. We attend a minimum of 2 medical appointments a week, have to perform medical activities that many nurses are not insured to perform as well as trying to live a normal life (especially for Macsen's older brother Ioan).

Where possible we try to focus on the positive aspects of our lives and Macsen's
development; Bobath's core therapy services help this by showing what is possible, but it's
not that easy. Around a year ago Macsen's health deteriorated significantly and so did our
positivity. We both stopped coping, our family was breaking down and I had to stop

This is where Bobath's family support came in. Glenys is our family support worker who
has looked after us since Macsen was 9 months old. During the first 2 years Glenys acted
as a shoulder to cry on for both of us, but when we hit rock bottom we realised her real
value. Over the years she had gotten to know us very well and we had built up the
confidence to confide in her that we were not coping.

The advice we got from Glenys was invaluable. She helped up to deal with the situation
emotionally, but as a mother of a grown up disabled child she was able to empathise and
share her experiences. As well as direct us to the relevant NHS/Social services we were
entitled to. Things are still hard for us, but improving. Glenys keeps in contact and we
enjoy catching up at any opportunity.

I hope you can help to fund such posts in the future, for other families as they go through
hard times, but also for us as I'm sure we will be crying on Glenys' shoulder in the future.

Thank you
Matthew Williams

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